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>~ Some Musical Picture’s ~


You weren’t allowed to take picture’s during the show. I know, I know I was upset about this myself. They assure me that they took picture’s all during the rehearsal’s and the disc’s are availbe for purchase for $2.00. We shall see. The first picture is so you will know who my daughter is in the show. The only shots I could take were after the show. I thought it was adorable and I am so glad my daughter has no fear of the stage. I just didn’t like the prissy girls that are so mean to her and was so obvious about it on the stage. Makes me want to hit their mother’s for raising their daughter’s to be little prissies. I love me daughter and teach her to respect other’s and to stand her ground and thankfully she does.

My daughter’s role was Cordelia Gleedrival

She’s not in this I just wanted to show you their set that they all worked so hard on. They all did a wonderful job.



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  1. >You weren't aloud to take pics during the show? $2.00- what?Whew- got that. Anyway you should be very proud!

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