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>Home-Ec 101 by Heather Solos


WOW, is all I can say. Just when you thought you knew all the tips and tricks of “Home-Ec 101” along comes a book that makes you rethink everything! Home-Ec 101 by fellow blogger Heather Solos is going to help you with tips and tricks on how to clean, cook, remove stains from you laundry and so much more. She also has a section on how to fix common problems with home appliances! No more waiting on the repair man! Heather also includes a section on meal planning! Any help in meal planning for a family is good.
Home-Ec 101 is here to help all types of moms from your “know-it-all” moms to “unsure” moms. No more worrying if I should call someone to find out how to clean or cook something. Now I have a resource available to me!

You’ll find 4 Sections:

Clean It ~ with tips on Easy and Quick cleaning solutions for every room in your house.

Wash It ~ with instructions for removing stains and odors from fabrics.

Fix It ~ with troubleshooting for common home appliances.

Cook It ~ with ideas for meal planning with definitions on cooking terms and techniques found in recipes.

Inside there are tips and tricks for cleaning, cooking, fixing and washing. Home-Ec 101 is avaiable on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles for the low price of $13.86! This is a great source for stains, spills, cooking and more! This book is for everyone from the college student to the seasoned homemaker. Anyone can benefit from the advice and tips and tricks.

If you are interested Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living – Cook it, Clean it, Fix it, Wash it it is currently on sale for $13.86 at Amazon.

You can check out more at Heather’s Blog at HomeEc101.com!

Disclaimer ~
I was given the opportunity to review this book from One2One Network but all the opinions are 100% my own.


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