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>"Drug Store Deals” {Week 4}

>So, If you have been following along you know all about how I have been getting the best deals from different drug stores. This is week four and let me tell you I am really disappointed with Walgreen’s this week. Most out of pocket comes from them and I had a minor issue of not getting my register rewards and had to ask the manager to help me.

My husband said to me the other night how great it was that I was doing this and learning. He said I look like a little kid in the candy store. I get so excited about what I get. =)

Here are the picture’s ~

All this for $2.43


Grand total of .58 cents
I made 2 trips this week.

Rite Aid ~

About $1.00

Walgreen’s ~

Total about $12.00

For some reason Walgreen’s I am having trouble getting the price down most weeks it costs me to go. I will try them for 2 more weeks and if this continue’s I am going to stop going there.

Hope you guys are getting some great deals out there! Post them! Leave comments, tell me what you think! Tell me a better way to do it if you can.




2 Responses

  1. >Wow a bunch of savings. already a follower just visiting from Thrifty Thursday…you can visit here

  2. >wow! I never use coupons, but i might have to start. Im a new follower through the social parade! Hope you'll follow back

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