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>Some deals for you

>Here are some deals:

This is for the Alaska Travel Book. I am sure you have seen it before. But here’s an idea for it.
Order it (free) and use the beautiful picture’s in the book. How? You can take out the picture’s in the book, put them in a frame and you come up with beautiful scene’s to display around your home.

Here is another:

If you like to bowl get your coupon ~ Have a family night!

Here’s another:

I hear they are looking for more people ~ I haven’t tried this myself but it may be a way to make some money ~

Now just coupons!!

$3.50 off On Pork with purchase of Kingsford
$1.00 off any Hidden Valley Salad Kit
$3.50 off any KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce
$1.00 off on any 2 Glad Food Storage Bags
$1.00 off Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster
$0.25 off on any 96oz Clorox Liquid Bleach
$0.50 off any 32oz. or larger Formula 409 cleaner
$1.00 off on any 2 featured Clorox products
$0.75 off On any Glad Trash bag products
$1.00 off any Hidden Valley Farmhouse Original
$1.00 off TWO bags of Wonka Jelly Beans
$.55 off ONE bags of Wonka Jelly Beans
$1.00 off TWO bags of NESTLE NestEggs™
$.55 off ONE bag of NESTLE NestEggs™
$2.00 off on any Slo-Niacin
Register and get $5.00 off Zantac!

Have fun printing!




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