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>Green Living

>I have been thinking more and more about this issue. After all when I am gone my kids will be here and god willing their kids and so forth. So I started to think about what impact I am having on the earth and ways I could help my children and their children.

Recycle ~ this is a no brainier and people who are unwilling or don’t care are just in my opinion ~ stupid.

Walk ~ Instead of driving that car ~ put put ~ and the exhaust fumes ~ I could walk more. Now, I live in an area that takes you 15-20 minutes to get to a store. So walking just isn’t much of an option. But, I can walk to my daughter’s bus stop about 1 mile from my house. Not only would it help the planet it would help me loss the weight I want. That’s a twofer.

Paper ~ Instead of using paper towels ~ which I have to admit I use A LOT of, I started using dish towels. Thus reducing the paper. Better for the environment, better for me.

Now, I am asking all of you for help. What other ways can you advise me on helping with green living?




2 Responses

  1. >Sounds like you have a good start on going green. We got the woven reusable grocery bags and that really cuts down on all that plastic.Visiting on the Friday hop from Edge of Escape

  2. >Great post Mary!! I drink Brita water rather than bottled water at home. I really do not like the taste of water out of the tap. So I find Brita works well with this. Your idea of walking to places instead of using a car is good. I must admit I should walk more to where I am going as well. BTW visit my blog and look half way down the right hand side. Wishing you all good things with your blog!!

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