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>My deals today!

>I wanted to post a few links to where I feel helped me the most this week with accomplishing my goal of the “drug store deals” as I like to call it. .

Today, I stopped by Walgreen’s to start my deal’s this week so I would be ready for next week.
This is what I got ~

If you haven’t already you could go to ~ I heart Rite-Aid She posts coupons, deals and what she was able to get throughout the week. Also, go to I heart CVS ~ She usually has the next week’s flyer before the week is out. Go and take a peek and match up your coupons for the following week to see where you can get a better deal.

Also, since there is no I heart Walgreen’s you can use ~ http://grandmasguidetolife.blogspot.com she macths up Walgreens for you.

For my 1st week this is who and where I used to match up my coupons. You can find a lot of people out there that will help you, USE it. Take advantage of it. If you don’t need it and can get it for free give it to your local Church/Outreach program. They can use shampoos’s, deodorants, cleaning supplies, and tampons. They could use all of it. Get a bag and start putting in what you don’t use. Go once a month to a shelter and donate to them. Not only are you helping yourself save money, you can feel good about helping someone who can’t even afford the 59 cents for an item. Maybe I should have put this in my ramblings. You be the judge.

Have a great weekend!


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