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>~ emPower Movement ~


I recently joined up to blog about the new Power Rangers emPower Movement. I joined because they are promoting kids health. I myself am overweight but my kids are not. I feel this would help promote better health in our kids. And once you inspire your kids you inspire yourself. At least that’s what happens to me.

Child obesity is at an all time high. With the new program called the emPower Movement featuring the Power Rangers I feel it would give our kids heroes to look up to and help them achieve their goals of healthy living.

One of the ways that this movement is helping our children is by getting involved in our schools. It’s called the Power Rangers in-school program. They provided over 4500 U.S. elementary schools with fitness guides and bulletin board messages on physical fitness and values that were designed for Kindergarten – 3rd grades. I feel they are doing a great job in promoting good health. And in these times where fast food and obesity is so high that is very much needed. Teaching our children at a young age good nutrition and to be physical active is very important.

Participating schools are getting a chance to win a visit form the Samurai Power Rangers and $10,000 for their physical education program. What school do you know that couldn’t use that? With budgets so tight this would be an excellent chance for your child’s school. If you know your school is participating please use the emPower Facebook page to enter http://www.facebook.com/powerrangersempower .

They also have a weekly “Ranger of the Week”, where they feature a child who’s making a difference in their school, family or community. Parents can nominate their child by using the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.powerrangersempower . They will feature your child and share your child’s story.

You can do your part at home also, we have been doing this for awhile ourselves by eating right and making sure vegetables and fruits are part of everyday. I have incorporated 2 vegetables in every dinner we eat. We actively play soccer. It’s not just good for them it’s good for you also. And by doing this it shows them that mommy can do it so can I. Please find out more about this ~ and help your children get up and get moving!

If you need more information on this subject please go to http://www.powerrangers.com/empower

you can find full details there.


This is not a paid post, any opinions expressed are my own. I am a memeber of One2One Network.


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