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>My Mommy

>I find myself thinking of my mother as it happens quite often in fact. Today was one of those days. My mother passed away from Lung Cancer in 2005. She had battled it for 16 long months. I took care of her and would not trade a second of it for anything.

Here’s to my mother, and best friend.

Both my children were sick today. So it was a pretty quite day in the house. No fighting just mostly watching television. This allowed me plenty of time to work on various computer related things. You know how it is sometimes when you have free time. Lots of internet surfing.

Today, I came across a link to Legacy.com. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s a site that allows people to post comments to the dearly departed. A portal of sorry’s that can be read forever. Well, it stopped me in my tracks and made me immediately go to my mothers guest book. God, how I miss her.

I guess I just needed to know it was still there. Like some homage to her. I get so emotional when I read some of the posts. This is the one I wrote after her death. I am putting it on here for the world to see. I just felt like talking about my mommy.

July 20, 2005
Dear Mom,

I don’t know how to tell you
I don’t know what to do
In my heart there’s an empty space
That can only be filled by you.

I know you had to leave us
The pain was just too great
I just don’t understand this
How the Angles took you away

No one understands the way I feel inside
It’s like someone came and took away
A part of me that night

I will always be with you
As you are with me
I just wish I could hold you
And tell you how much you mean to me

I thank god I had such a special time with you
That no one can understand
You are the one that helped me
Be the person I am today

I fell like I’m alone
With nothing left to say
Thank God for My babies
You told me everyday
Hold on to them so tightly
Cause we’ll all get there someday

It’s so hard to say goodbye
To the one true love I knew
It’s the hardest thing I ever had to do

My only comfort is that we’ll meet again someday
And then we’ll be together just like yesterday

Good bye to my Mother, My Confidant, My Angel, My Love,
My Grandma, And My VERY BEST FRIEND….
May I see you again someday….

Your Daughter

Thanks for listening.


2 Responses

  1. >My heart is with you 😦 I miss my dad often. Not many words to take it away, but knowing your not alone sometimes makes it easier.Have a blessed day.Debbie @ Lucas's Journey w/SPD

  2. >Thanks Debbie,It does help. It's been along time since I've seen or heard her voice and I miss it like crazy. Wish she was here to yell at me even.Thanks,Mary

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