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>Is it me? Because I’m not sure anymore.

>I get a call today from a representative of a nameless recruiting agency. As you know I am looking for a job. And haven’t been able to get one. So, upon hearing agency’s name I get my kids to be quite, they know mom is on the phone so quite up. Not an easy task. She proceeds to ask me some questions. I answer usual answers. Yes, I am still looking for a job. Yes, I have a resume I can email you. You get the picture.

Well, we get into it a little further. And she begins to give me information that I just can’t seem to understand. I am not illiterate. Slow sometimes yes, but illiterate, no. Not perfect yes. But I just can’t seem to understand what she is saying. So now I’m getting a bit frustrated. Cause I don’t know what is required of me, or if there is an answer to give her. I can’t understand her.
I have no idea what she is trying to tell me. So I do the only thing I can do. I ask her to email me with what it is she is trying to tell me. She claimed I would receive it in about 20 minutes. It’s been about 5 hours. Luckily, I know where she was calling from. I 90% of the time have a pen and paper next to me or right in front of me when I am at my computer. Which lately is all the time. So I will try calling her tomorrow to see if maybe I can get the information I need and find out what they need from me.

It just frustrates me that people don’t know how to communicate. I am in no way saying I am perfect in this aspect of my life. I know I need to get better at it myself. But I do understand the English language and can speak it.

Oh, did I mention she was american and just didn’t know how to speak and she was representing a recruiting firm? She Literally didn’t know how to talk properly. Have you ever talked to someone like that? Someone who just didn’t know how to talk?


4 Responses

  1. >Hi Mary ,with age comes the confidence to ask if you do understand ,perhaps all is not as it seems with her call and just maybe you where not meant to understand her ,I know when my hus was looking for a job agencys are really not as noce as they can seem.I hope she calls back and I hope it is all good for you.Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovley comment for me ,I am your newest follower!~Sharon~

  2. >Sorry that it seems so frustrating. Be very sure that you fully understand the terms of this agency before you sign up or whatever and I don't use agencies that I have to pay to find me a job. They should pay me…the company pays them. I'm concerned that she was being difficult on purpose…to possibly trick you into doing something that would cost you money.

  3. >Sharon thanks for following. I am beginning to see that some of these agency's are not all that they seem. Thanks for stopping by!Mary

  4. >Carli it is frustrating. I will make sure I found out all the terms. I have not paid at any point for an agency. I feel they get that money from the company for the hours I work on that referral that is enough. Thanks for the advice!Mary

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