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>Are you prepared?

>So, I wake up this morning to some fresh snow only about 2-3 inches. We have piles of snow in our driveway from the previous snow storms. Tonight they expect an ice storm. I hope you never will/have to experience and ice storm. Why?

Simple, it’s one of the scariest things.
Maybe 7 years ago we experience our first ice storm. Let me explain.
We were originally from New Jersey. We moved to Pennsylvania in 2002. Shortly after that we experience our first ice storm.

I had never imagined something like this. I don’t even think I have even seen one on television. So, really I had no idea.

It was scary to say the least. If you can imagine the branches of trees hanging down so low that many of them hit the roof of your car. Or they hit the ground. And I am talking about trees that in their normal state are well over 6 stories tall. Touching the ground from the ice. It was amazing to see. Beautiful also. But very, very scary to go through.

Back to the subject at hand. They are expecting that kind of ice storm tonight. Me and My husband have been planning for it since last week. Here is our list:

Firewood for our stove ~ Check
Easy to make items that wont spoil ~ Check
(like PB&J)
Flashlights ~ Check
Batteries ~ Check
Water ~ Check
Candles ~ Check
Blankets ~ Check
Gas in Cars for emergency ~ Check

Simple things but things that can help. That year I first experienced the ice storm we were not prepared. We really just moved to Pennsylvania. And coming from a city we had no idea people had these things happen to them.

Now when we hear about storms we listen and get prepared.

Are you prepared?


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  4. >I love your check list! You are prepared… I am from Ontario so I am familiar with the snow and cold. Which is good if you snow ski… But alas I don't…. Good post!

  5. >Thank you for the comment. We do try to prepare as best we can. We learned our lesson.My husband was born in Ontario and adopted here.We always wanted to visit there, but still haven't gotten to yet.Thanks for your post!Mary

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